Voice Artist lives the dream at Abbey Road Studios

10298760_489155081184010_271145641404914067_nNow a lot of the time I use this blog in attempt to boost my search engine rankings and therefore attract more people interesting in using me as a voice over – see I did it there and some of you didn’t even spot it, still as long as Google spot it (sure, I know…”other search engines are available” but seriously, when was the last time someone suggested that you Bing something?) than that’s OK.

However, let us consider the origins of the humble blog. For many, it was just an on line diary – a web log, if you will, and so in the spirit of the original web loggers, I am going to talk about my day.


For the past year or so, I have been a member of Rock Choir. If you’ve not heard of them, it’s a rather massive group of people who get together and sing. The music is a mix of Motown, Rock, Pop – pretty much anything that sounds good when you throw a 6 part harmony behind it – and we have a lot of fun.

Rock Choirs from all over the country work through the same timetable of songs, so at times, thousands of people will get together in one place for one humungous choral arrangement. I’ve sung with 5000 members at Wembley Stadium, over 15,000 members sang together at the O2 Arena but today was the most special because today, I can say that I have recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London.

Now I’m no stranger to recording studios (get me) but singing at Abbey Road really is bucket list material.


The day begins with an almost obligatory photograph on the zebra crossing. Now I know it’s not the ‘proper’ pose but what you have to remember is that this is not some cordoned off landmark – it’s an actual zebra crossing and there are actual cars that want to go up and down that street, so you take whatever you can get.

Being the only Paul, it was suggested that I go barefoot, but seeing as how I trod barefoot on a 5 inch wooden spike a few days ago, I really was not in the mood to take chances. Plus I was wearing new socks and I was enjoying them.

10311744_489142317851953_4412045618428506505_nThen  it’s group photo time, at which point I must give a mention to Darren House of Darren House Photography who took in excess of 400 photos in our session alone and they all look great.

Time for some cool stuff – the briefing..




2014-05-18 09.34.15Where you get to learn just who has played on the various instruments dotted around the room. This particular piano has been recorded as played by Elton John and Gary Barlow to name but two. I didn’t know that as I sat down. I just thought, “Hey, it’s a piano, it’s in Abbey Road and I’m getting my photo taken with it, and none of that selphie nonsense – I’m surrounded by dozens of people who know how to use a camera.

Alright, she’s no professional, but actually my sister took this shot and by her own admission, she’s not that great at taking photos so I think this isn’t bad at all.

And so into Studio 2, or was it 1? Yep, I knew I’d forget this bit. Anyway, who cares, it’s the really big studio where a choir of 80 people takes up a surprisingly little amount of space. I count 10 microphones directly in front of us and another 10 at various angles and heights above us. I can’t remember the last time I recorded so far away from a microphone and I must admit it was a surreal experience to think that every single noise in that room could be picked up by the engineers.

984095_489149194517932_8964945568303415563_nWe recorded a total of three tracks and I imagine that Rock Choir will allow me to post them on my page once they’re finished, so please do keep checking back. I must say that listening to playback was actually quite an emotional experience – our group had a wonderful sound this morning and I was honoured to have been a part of it.

Oh yeah, and if it wasn’t obvious from the picture at the top – I asked if I could enjoy a major ‘nerd out’ and look at the mixing desk, and they graciously agreed. Shiny blinky button thing make Pauly very happy.

Oh, and it’s not the T Shirt that’s making me look fat. It’s because I’m a bit fat. Damn you cheesecake….DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!!!