Voice Over Artist’s Latest TV Commercial

SpreadcologoGreetings voiceover fans and welcome to another exciting day on board The Good Ship Internet.

Blogs are a tricky business. On the one hand, we want to be seen to sharing wisdom and advice that could enrich the lives of our readers. On the other, many of us are just using them as an excuse to regularly update the content of our websites in the vain hopes that the major search engines will still consider us relevant.

This particular post would fall into the latter category, although on the plus side, I have never once posted any amusing videos featuring kittens, so in many ways you could say that I was ahead of the curve.

Last year I was delighted to be recruited by spread betting firm, Spreadco, to be the voice of their website’s new explainer videos. All went well and this not only lead to more videos being produced, but also to my being the voiceover of their latest TV commercial, which ran on two major financial channels to an audience of millions (of course, that’s actually more of a potential audience because I don’t have the real numbers but come on, we’re still talking millions here!)

The advert’s current broadcast run has come to an end and I’m pleased to see that it’s been posted on YouTube so that I can share it with you, so enjoy:

Please note that my voicing of products or services of any company is not meant to be read as an endorsement of any kind. Other spread betting brokers are available.