Voice artists need head shots too

I work in the world of sound. If you have look around this website – and I really hope that you do – you’ll notice that there are no pictures of me, and this is actually a conscious decision.

To my clients, what I look like is completely unimportant, and I am really rather happy with that. I don’t have to worry about the odd skin blemish and any concerns about my weight are purely for vanity purposes, and not because my doctors have told me that I really need to lower my cholesterol.

The thing is that, at my core, I am an actor, and actors do need to present themselves visually. Up to this point, my headshot was a very nice photo that my wife took of me whilst we were on our honeymoon in Valencia. I’m perfectly happy with it, and why not? The smile is coming from someone who has just married the love of his life and enjoyed a rather lovely glass of Sangria whilst walking through a beautiful park, so life is sweet.

But, as lovely as that sounds, it’s just not all that professional, and I have now been asked to provide some proper headshots.

A great photographer took around 70 shots and sent me over what she felt were the best 20. From that, I’ve narrowed the list down to two. And so it is, faithful reader of all things blog, that I throw the decision over to you.

Please take a look at these photos – we’ll call the one on the left  ‘Happy’ and the one on the right ‘Serious’ and then tell me which one you like in the “How can I help you” section on the right hand side of this page. Unless of course you’re reading this via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, in which case you can just comment there.

Thanks in advance for your help, and for taking the time out of your day to do this.