I need a voice over for my next educational project

downloadHello blog lovers, and welcome to another exciting look into the world of the voiceover artist, or as some people prefer to type – voice over artist. Yep, that was a shameless attempt at ensuring that Google sends you here no matter what your preference, so if it worked, well done Google, and of course – welcome to you too.

Today I want to take a look at education. Being married to a teacher and having two children of my own, it’s something in which I take a great interest. I’m pleased to say that my kids have now grown beyond those shows which feature a made up language spoken by bright, shiny colours which cause us all to wonder just what was being smoked in the writers’ room when it was created. These days, my kids prefer to learn (unless we’re watching Gumball, which is just plain hilarious).

I love being a part of that world too – whether it’s creating the voice of a character or, as in the case of the sample below, taking the role of the teacher and explaining something in a way which is both informative and entertaining.

It’s a market I’m keen to explore at greater length too, and as such, plan to visit the Children’s Media Conference taking place in Sheffield at the beginning of July. If you’re in attendance, please let me know so that we can meet and talk about working together. In the meantime, please enjoy this short snippet which was produced as a pitch to BBC Bitesize. A pitch, I might add, which proved to be successful.

(Credit – Naked Productions)