I Need a Voice for my Genie

Google ChromeScreenSnapz025Well with Summer well under way and Christmas just around the corner, we can all relax, knowing that we are never too far away from a good pantomime (oh no we’re not…..no, stop it, I”m not doing that bit.)

Indeed, just last week at Butlins my family and I were treated to a new pantomime called Aladdin Rocks. It works the same way as all pantomimes do – take an established story and pepper it with pop songs that the kids will recognise and everyone’s happy.

Granted, my expectations were low – in my time I have been forced to sit through some real stinkers, but this one was actually genuinely entertaining, and if it’s travelling through your town, I’d give it a go.

But for the tenuous link back to this week’s blog post, I was delighted to learn from a client that an animated genie that I voiced a few months ago is finished and out there for all to see. Now what you should know is that this is a corporate video about servers and networks and stuff that I’m happy to pay other people to understand and maintain on my behalf. I’m telling you this because if you’re looking for a performance to rival Robin Williams, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

That being said, I can now say I have voiced a genie, so that’s cool.