Voice Over Artist adds MC to his offering

maxresdefault For the past few years, I’ve had the great pleasure of being the Voice of God for the main event in the UK promotional merchandise industry’s calendar. Their biggest 2 day trade show features a gala dinner and awards ceremony and it’s a pretty big event, with over 900 people in attendance!

Now, to be fair, I do have a bit of an inside track into the event in question, given that I’ve worked in their industry for the past 14 years and have had a column in their leading magazine for the past six. One year, the organiser called me, remembering that I also did voice overs, and asked me if I would be interested in covering this show too, and of course, I agreed.

I must admit that the experience is a little strange for me. You see, my announcements are all pre recorded – that’s just the way they’ve always done it – but I’m also actually there as a guest of the organisers! This means that I’m the person actually telling me to take my seat and enjoy my evening – bit weird. It’s a similar feeling to when I call a company and am then instantly reminded that I am the voice of their telephone system. Trust me, you never get used to it.

Well this year, the format of the evening has changed, and I was absolutely thrilled (and a little terrified) to be asked if I would like to actually host the event, live on stage. Now, I’m no stranger to being on stage, and as well as acting have also done stand up and hosted events. The difference there is that the numbers were nowhere near as large as the audience that I’m looking at now.

Fortunately, they’re what we like to call a ‘friendly crowd’, in that heckling really isn’t going to be a problem. However, free alcohol and industry gossip almost certainly will be, and it will be my job to keep order.

The highlight of the evening is the final of Industry’s Got Talent – the clue is pretty much in the title. As well as voicing the videos of our contestants, I’ve also had to put myself in front of the camera for one of them, and it becomes all too clear why it is I prefer to live behind a microphone!

None the less, you can catch the video here: