Voice Over Artist for Free

Voice overs for Free.

This is a search term that seems to direct a number of enquiries to my website, indeed, it may well have lead you here too, so welcome.

Here’s the odd thing – these same people take a look around my site, listen to my demos, read my client testimonials and then…..and this is the good bit – leave.

Now on the surface, there really wouldn’t seem to be anything wrong with that. The search for a voice over is a very subjective thing. You may have an idea of the sort of voice that you want, but until such time as you hear it, you can’t really be sure whether or not the voice artist in question will be right for you.

But let’s go back to that search term for a moment – Voice overs for free. Surely if that is your search criteria then price becomes your key factor in making a decision. Your ‘perfect’ voiceover is the person whose voice is good enough but more importantly, belongs to someone who will work for free.

And here is where I’m stumped. You see, I don’t publish my rates on my website. The only way to know how much I charge is to contact me and ask, at which point we will discuss the best options for you.

So why is it that these people take a look around and then leave without asking? I’d like to think that I can take it as a compliment, as logic would tell anyone that a voiceover with over ten years’ experience is unlikely to work for free,. However, when you say ‘free’, is that what you really mean? Or could it be that you have a low budget and are looking for help? If that’s the case, then please do get in touch with me – there’s really no harm in asking is there?

Now the truth is that there is a growing number of voice overs who will work for free. More often than not, these are people who are just starting out and are keen to develop their portfolio. Indeed, in my earliest days I considered it flattering if anyone wanted to use me as their voice over.

These days though, I’d like to think that people come to me because mine is the voice that they need for their project, and that price is a secondary consideration. So in answer to the question that may well have lead you here – no, I don’t work for free but I will provide you with great value.