Voice Over Artist heads for Hollywood

Hollywood-Sign I enjoy writing this blog. Ordinarily I like to share work that I recently done or attempt to promote my services through the thinly veiled disguise of offering advice.

One thing that I usually do, is to post these blogs at around 10am. Research has shown that the very best time to send an email campaign out is 10.15am on a Tuesday. I don’t know what the research says about blogging, although I am sure that one of you knows the answer.

So, why this post close to 10pm on a Wednesday? Well the day isn’t all that relevant, but the time is. You see, in just over two weeks I will be heading out to Los Angeles to record a brand new promo demo with my wonderful coach, Jodi Gottlieb.

Whilst I am over there, I’ll be meeting with producers, coaches and fellow voice over artists in an attempt to create the busiest 5 day schedule possible. And I am pleased to say that I still have some time available.

Therefore, to all those LA residents who read my blog, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or…no, I’m pretty sure that’s all I’m on, I suppose I really should get an Instagram account….to all of you, please do drop me a line and let me know when I can come and see you.

Assuming my plane lands on time, and knowing what a joy it can be to speed through LAX, I hope to be in town by around 4pm on Thursday December 3rd and leave in the evening of Monday 7th.

Please drop me a line at enquiries@pauljrose.com and I look forward to meeting you soon.