Voice Over Artist Now Touring in the UK

horseman Indeed, it’s true – I am now touring the entire British Isles to share art and culture with the masses, and all without ever leaving my studio!

“Tell us more!” I hear you cry. Alright then, as you asked so passionately, I will.

Those lovely people at Historic England are on a mission – to protect and save England’s public art, and believe you me, there’s an awful lot of it about. Once you exclude the spray painted tags that adorn our railways and bridges, there’s a museum’s worth of public art just itching to be appreciated.

Now, thanks to a clever app called GeoTourist, your smartphone can turn any city into a gallery or museum, along with your very own talking guide, which in the case of the Public Art tours, just happens to be me.

It’s all both simple and clever at the same time. Start up the app, and then look for a tour that might interest you. After that, the app will use your phone’s location to tell you where to go and what you’re looking at. Plus it’s not just art that’s on there – there are tours for architecture, food, education and lots more, and they’re all free!

Currently I have voiced tours in Birmingham, Sheffield and Bristol and each time I record one, I just want to jump in the car and take the tour for myself! I hope you’ll want to try out the app too.