Voice Over Artists can’t call in sick

MeditationLast Wednesday, I celebrated my 45th birthday. My family bought my a lovely array of simple, yet very practical gifts which made me very happy. Sadly, my least favourite gift came from my immune system – it was a virus.

Now let me make one important distinction here. I am not claiming to be suffering from Manflu. I am not curled up on the sofa, attempting to overdose on Lemsip and numb the pain whilst binge watching episodes of Peppa Pig. No – I just don’t feel very well and what’s causing the most trouble is my voice – I’ve lost it.

Back when I enjoyed the 9 to 5 and did voiceover on the side, being ill was never that much of a big deal. Oh sure, calling in sick was always horrible because there was always the voice in the back of my head that told me that they didn’t believe me, which meant that for some reason I was forced to ‘sound iller’ on the phone.

That’s always a weird conversation isn’t it? “Hello, I’ve fallen down the stairs and broken my ankle, so I can’t come in today.”

“Very sorry to hear that, but….how has that affected your voice?”

“Errrrrrmmmmmm”….and get yourself into work.

Now that I am self employed and the 9 to 5 no longer exists for me, being ill takes on a whole new set of problems. I simply cannot work unless I manage to book a commercial for some medicine and they want me in as the voice of the ‘before’ guy.

As a small business owner, I have but one product, and although I do my very best to keep it operating with optimal efficiency, I don’t live in a glass bubble. At some point, germs will quite literally render me speechless.

Granted, there are things that I can do whilst I sit in silence. I can write a blog (done). I can email potential clients to introduce my voice over services to them (done). I can email clients who have booked me and politely ask them just how many days they’re prepared to wait for delivery of their recording (check). And of course I can send work on to fellow voice over artists from those clients who simply cannot afford to wait (fortunately, not done yet).

And so as I continue to enjoy my vow of silence (that should now make my choice of photograph make sense), I play the waiting game, letting the Universe know that I am ready, willing and able to accept all the voice over work that it can send my way, just as long as it can wait just a couple of days!