Voice over for children’s TV

Whenever embarking on a new business venture, every one of us has what we refer to as our ‘dream client’ – that one project that makes you feel that you are on the right track and that this is where your business wants to be.

In the world of voice over, we’re generally more in pursuit of a dream job, or perhaps working in a specific genre. When I first started out, my dream was to be the voice of a well known cartoon character. I was inspired by the actors working on The Simpsons and knew that working on a show with international recognition would be a dream come true.

Big surprise – an actor who wanted to be famous!

Many years later, having worked on all forms of media, my dream job really has not changed, although becoming a father did create a secondary dream job, and that was to work on children’s TV. There’s something really quite special about seeing your child watch something on telly and proclaim “That’s my dad!”

And this year, that wish came true, as I was asked to be the voice of ‘Little Explorers’ – a series of short films aired on Tiny Pop – a satellite station owned by Sony. The shows gave children ideas of fun things to do in the summer holidays, and indeed Tiny Pop aired these shows several times per day over a six week period, with the Little Explorers brand essentially taking over the channel.

The job called for boundless enthusiasm – to sound like I was actually there with the children as they enjoyed each of their 18 different ‘Little Adventures’. A tall order, as I was in a basement studio on one of the hottest days of the year, working my way through about 12 gallons of water just to keep going!

This was an incredible amount of fun for me, as I got to play the role of an excited dad – so really, just an exaggerated version of myself! A massive thank you to Sixth Sense Media and Tiny Pop for letting me show one of the episodes on my YouTube channel, which you can enjoy here: