Welcome to Voice Over Advent Day 7

adventcalendar-1 If this Advent Calendar was made of actual chocolate, by now you would have eaten approximately 154 calories’ worth by now, so well done on choosing this website as your window to weight loss*

*Probably should put some legal disclaimer about this site not actually helping you lose any weight. I mean, I don’t want to get sued but then again if you did take me seriously, you’re probably part of the same group of people who force people who make packets of peanuts to print ‘caution – may contain nuts’ on the packet. May contain? I should bloody well hope so! I may have gone off on a tangent here.

Today’s offering comes from the archive vaults of The VoiceMonkey – a site set up a few years ago where you could get celebrity messages on your mobile voice mail. The service is still being offered, so if you do want something completely bespoke, please just let me know.

Sadly, phones are set up so that you cannot simply play an MP3 down your mobile to the voicemail service by way of recording a new greeting. Trust me, I’ve looked into it and it’s unbelievably difficult. However, this works just as well. Right click the Day 7 link below and save it to your desktop, then get it ready to play using whatever media player you use. Call your voice mail, go through to the option to record a new greeting, then hold your phone near your computer’s speakers and press play. It might sound primitive, but it works really well.

The message here is generic, but if you’d like one with your own name on it, just let me know.

See you tomorrow for more voiceover fun.

Day 7