What do dubbing actors look like?

Despite the occasional headshot on my agent’s site, or a nice photo that someone took of me and posted on Facebook, I really make very little effort to show off what I look like.

It’s not because I am shy (far from it) or even conscious of my appearance. It’s because in the world of voice over, it rarely actually matters.

One of the most common things I hear when meeting clients is that I look nothing like what they had imagined. This is particularly true when playing characters, as I am required to alter my age, physical characteristics, cultural background and, on rare occasions, gender (my little old lady voice still sparks bouts of laughter in some animation studios).

However, recently that all changed. As many of you know, I have been working as an actor and director at ADRenaline Dub & Post studios for most of 2015 and as work has continued to increase, we felt that it was time we built a website to show off just what we do.

In doing this, it was decided that it might be interesting to show off exactly what it is our actors look like when dubbing a scene. So, armed with a camera and some very bright lights (the booth is usually dark), we put together a series of videos showing off what we do.

You can view mine by clicking HERE

The character in question is one of my favourite voices to do, and the more astute amongst you who have been following my progress will note that I am also playing the other man in the scene as well, although for the purposes of this video, we just wanted to show off one character.

Hope you enjoy it and if you’d like to know more about the exciting world of dubbing, please don’t hesitate to ask.