What happened to the Man with the Golden Voice

A couple of years ago, the voice over community at large started sharing a particular You Tube Video. It had pretty much already gone viral in its own light, but for all of us, it was a great story.

Ted Williams was a voice artist and radio announcer who had fallen on hard times. He had pretty much lost everything but his voice talent remained intact. Whilst other homeless people would stand on street corners with signs that read “Will work for food” and all of those other cliches, Ted wrote out a detailed sign that he had a golden voice for radio, and as soon as you hear him, you’ll realise that it’s true.

Here’s the original video:

and within days of going out, Ted was getting offers of work from all over the USA. He used his gift to turn his life around, and whilst the last couple of years have not been without their dramas for Ted, he is still working and clearly doing what he was born to do.

His story inspired me, and so I made a video of my own as a parody, as well as an homage to Ted. Sure, it’s been out there for a while now, but as this website has been totally reborn, I thought it might be nice to revisit some of the old content that made people smile, so enjoy!