Where can I find a voice over for my Facebook app?

Welcome to the dizzying heights of app development. If you’re new to the game, I wish you the very best of luck, and if you’re a seasoned veteran, then you must be doing something right to still be here!

Apps are not a new concept. When computers first entered our homes in the late seventies, people set about finding ways to solve problems. They would look at a task which humans had done for countless generations and then worked out how a computer could do it better.

Want to add 2 and 2? No problem, we can solve that problem in just 4 lines of basic code. Of course, we also need however months or years it takes to learn how to write those 4 lines, but that’s a whole different story.

Fast forward some 30 plus years and we’re far too busy to use the entire word ‘application’, and now it’s fair to say that there is an app for pretty much anything – many of them solving problems that you didn’t even know you had, and previously had given absolutely no thought to whatsoever.

The biggest problem is one of boredom. 1000 channels of television and internet on the go, means that we now have the attention span of a two year old and would all appreciate the beauty of a sunset a whole lot more if we could catapult irate ducks at it (see what I did there – screw you copyright infringement!)

But before you dismiss me as a cynic (too late), let me tell you that I think that apps are great, especially those which require the services of a voice over (naturally).

One particular game which is always fun to voice is Bingo. Putting aside all the fun little phrases which bring the game to life, it’s the calling of the numbers themselves which can prove quite interesting. On line Bingo is quick, so the first thing that we get rid of are those fun little expressions which Bingo callers of old used to use. Gone are the Two Fat Ladies or the Clickety Click – which is a shame, because I love those. No, these days it’s number number number until someone calls Bingo, or to be more accurate, someone’s computer calls Bingo for them, because who can realistically keep their eye on 20 cards whilst simultaneously eating chips and chatting to their mates about what’s on the telly?

These numbers have to sound natural, and not computer generated, and that means that each number needs to be recorded with a different inflection. Say, for example, that 59 came out, right after 58 – the caller would put the emphasis on the ‘nine’, but that same emphasis would make no sense if the number before it was, say, 24.

It’s equally tricky for the voice artist too, as there is a natural tendency to read out a number as if we’re calling the game live, and that doesn’t work. We have to read each number 3 or 4 different ways, each of them with their own inflection and we have to do that for either 75 or 90 numbers. Add to that, if we’re recording from our own studios, we then have to save each number as its own file, and quickly you can see just how much work is involved. One particular game once required 325 individual files to be created!

But despite all that, I LOVE doing Bingo games – they’re a great chance to play fun characters and I’m pleased to say that I’ve played Santa Claus, a Mexican outlaw, a Greek god, a well known game show host and a fox!

So in the interest of pure self promotion, and let’s face it, that’s why I write this stuff, if you’re looking for a voice over for your app, please let me know how I can help.