Where can I get a voice over recorded at short notice?

Ah, we’ve all been there haven’t we? That oh so delightful client that tells us that they need something that usually takes 5 days, but they need it by tomorrow morning. It’s at times like these that I start feeling like Scotty from Star Trek – Captain Kirk would ask him how long it would take to fix a problem with the Warp Reactor, Scotty would consider the logistics for less time that it takes to draw breath in order to answer the question, and tells him he’ll need a day. And then what does Kirk always say? Yup, “You’ve got an hour Mr Scott” and, as if by magic, the problem actually gets fixed.

Actually, to all the real Star Trek nerds out there, I will acknowledge that much later on, Mr Scott did confess to Geordie LaForge that he always exaggerated his estimates so that when Kirk did that, he’d always come out looking like “The Man”, but that really didn’t start happening until the films, and by then he was really more of an overweight Scostman. But this is not a blog about Star Trek, although granted that may well generate an awful lot more traffic than this drivel.

Back to our lovely customer, who needs things done at warp speed (see what I did there?), well the great thing about emergencies is that a true professional will see them as an opportunity to impress a new client. After all, if you could deliver when your competitors couldn’t, then surely that would be a great start to your relationship.

So, here you are in need of a voice over who can turn around the project quickly, perhaps even same day. Well fortunately, the business of the voice artist is one with very few moving parts and even fewer staff. With many artists working from their own home studios, it may well be possible for he or she to move things around and fit you in that day. Like any production line, it all comes down to the production schedule, and as not every job is likely to be as urgent at yours, it certainly pays to ask if they have any time available.

First thing’s first – pick up the phone, don’t dive into sending an email. If the artist is in the booth for long periods of time, they may not see your email until it’s too late. If a phone rings, the artist will know about, and if he answers, then perhaps his schedule that day is not all that full – you never know, it could be that you’re off to a great start!

After that, it all comes down to whether you need to audition the voice over or not. It may be that you’ve heard enough on their demo to ascertain that they are the voice that you want. If of course, you would prefer that they audition then that’s fine – you just need to email over your script and tell them a little more about the project and what you’re looking for in the read.

Then of course, agree upon the fee and you’re ready to go. You see? Problem solved, and that whole process could take you less than 2 hours. Now take a deep breath and relax – you’re one step closer to production Nirvana.

Take us out Mr Data, Warp Factor 5.