With only 7 left, it’s Voice Over Advent 17

advent-calendar-12 Good morning Advent lovers and welcome to Day 17. With only 7 more shopping days left isn’t it nice to know that there are people out there who will let you have stuff for free.

Like a Hoverboard, for example. Let’s face it, thanks to the latest legislation they literally can’t even give them away. Still, it’s nice to know that anyone who has got one can look forward to a warm glow around the Christmas Tree, right after they’ve charged it up.

(By the way – if that joke is going over anyone’s head, there have been reports that these boards are exploding when over charged. Not all brands, just in case the lawyers are reading this, but some.)

Anyway, it occurred to me that whilst I have given you tones for your phone calls and alarm clocks, I have not yet included anything for the humble text message, so let’s do a few of those, starting with the one below.

Simply save the Day 17 link below to your phone in the usual way and then assign it to a text. I’d talk you through it, but I don’t know what phone you have.

And remember, if you’d like to assign a message to a specific person, then let me have the details and I’ll get it recorded for you.

See you tomorrow.

Day 17