About Me


I’ve voiced radio commercials and TV adverts, both in the UK and overseas. I’ve narrated documentaries, provided character voices for public health videos, amusement park rides and video games, and have even been the voice of a cuddly toy!

I’ve recorded eLearning programmes, corporate videos, and web video presentations. I’ve announced concerts for global superstars, dubbed foreign programming into English and have personally recorded over 800 celebrity impersonation ringtones.

I’m equally comfortable creating character voices as I am using my regular voice. My clients will be more than happy to tell you that I am quick, flexible, great at following direction and above all, fun to work with.

I have my own Pro Tools studio, along with phone patch and ISDN, so you’re welcome to direct the recording session live if you would like to. Once completed, I will edit the recordings – removing breath sounds if you would like – and will deliver a broadcast quality recording in a format of your choice.

So what are you looking for in a voiceover artist? Whatever it is, I am sure I can help, and if my voice is not quite right for you, I’ll be happy to introduce you to someone within my network of voice artists to help you put your project together.

I look forward to speaking both with and for you soon.