I need an announcer for my conference

paul-excellentThere used to be a time when it was felt that the period between September and October could be referred to as ‘Conference Season’. It was as if all the exhibition companies in the world decided that these two months were the very best time to get delegates to all come together and learn interesting new things.

Frankly, I’m no longer convinced that’s true. As the ‘voice of god’ announcer at numerous conferences throughout the year, I cannot say for certain that I am any more busy in September and October than I am for the rest of the year. Granted, there is a lull in the summer months when organisers accept that they may get fewer attendees due to holidays, but aside from that, I think it’s fair to say that there is no conference season.

I’m also pleased to see that the nature of conferences, exhibitions and expos is changing, as organisers introduce new methods of presenting, designed to elicit more engagement on the part of the delegate. Just last week I was delighted to the voice of god announcer for the Dell EMC conference, and as well as introducing the speakers onto the big stage, it was also my job to let people know about the smaller seminars taking place around the expo.

And that’s where things got interesting. Take a look at these people:

They’re currently watching a seminar whilst just 10 feet away from an expo where 3 other, similar sized seminars are taking place, and yet no single presenter is bothering any of the others. How? Well you can probably see that they’re all wearing headphones – not just any headphones – these are noise cancelling, wireless headphones. If they want to attend a seminar, they simply pick up a pair from a box at the back, take a seat and put them on, and they’ll instantly be listening to the live presenter at the front as clearly as if they were having a one to one conversation in a library, all of which is pretty cool.

For so long now, there has been a struggle to have a mix of conference and exhibition work together where one is not seen merely as the ‘support act’ to the other. In this expo, the blend was perfect. As an announcer, I would let people know which seminars were taking place every 30 minutes, and as they were all in one room, all the delegates had to do was make their way over to the corner where their choice of talk was taking place.

It was all so simple and worked so well, as I could go easily between the expo and the main theatre, helping to keep everyone where they needed to be.

I’d like to thank the lovely people at Dell EMC and their event company, Wave for having me and I look forward to working on many more conferences and exhibitions like this in the future.