Ask me about my voice over business

As you may have gathered if you were looking for a page on novelty ringtones and celebrity impressions, I have, in my time, dabbled in such areas. That’s not really fair, I’ve recorded close to 1000 of the things and they continue to be a lot of fun.

So much fun in fact, that I actually launched a separate website some time ago called The Voicemonkey. After various friends and relatives asked me to record a unique message in a celebrity voice, it occurred to me that others might want me to do the same, and that they might actually be prepared to pay for it.

As I asked around, it seemed like it would be a good idea. Fair enough, I wasn’t asking them to invest, so even they thought it was a bad idea, they probably just would have been polite and told me to go for it. So I did.

I figured that there would be loads of people that would view these Ringtones and Voice Mail Greetings as novelty gift ideas. Think about it, if your girlfriend is a fan of a particular show, why not have one of that show’s characters tell her when you’re calling – by name, unique to her?

So with a website all set up and populated with fun content, I rented a small space in a shopping centre, set up my stand and offered people the chance to have their messages recorded live, direct to their phone. This had an added benefit, because it meant that I could record voice mail greetings too, and that was what a lot of my friends had asked for.

Now remember, this was being promoted as a gift idea and so I rented the space around Christmas time, so I was sure it would be a big hit. Sure might be too strong a word, let’s go with hopeful.

And so shoppers would approach, I’d lean forward in a passive yet enthusiastic manner and they would ask in a rhetorical, yet out loud manner, “what’s Voice Monkey then?” and then walk straight off!

Now let’s just analyse that really quickly shall we? Something peaks your curiosity. You are standing barely three feet from someone who can clearly satisfy that curiosity and yet….you just keep walking!!!

Is that you? Do you see an opportunity to expand your knowledge by merely asking the question but choose to let it pass you by?

These days more of more us believe that the only serious place to get answers is from Wikipedia, but I’m here to tell all you youngsters out there that there was something magical that existed before that. We called them people, and collectively, they knew a hell of a lot of stuff.

So forget the FAQ – so what if someone has asked it before? Questions are an opportunity for business to begin truly communicating with each other. Questions are buying signals, and if you don’t answer them, your competitors will.

I’ll leave you with my favourite question of all….How can I help you today?