Authenticity in a radio commercial

caribbean-escapes-nassau.jpg.rend.tccom.1280.960 Recently whilst adding a few more valuable connections to my Twitter feed, I stumbled upon a tweet left by a production company who were looking to deliver a radio commercial for an authentic Caribbean restaurant in London.

They were quite clear about the voice that they wanted, but whilst the cuisine at this restaurant is authentic, no where in the tweet did it say that the voice had to be.

I was stunned, because the tweet was actually two days old and had also stated that their requirement was urgent. Surely someone one there must have seen this and put themselves forward?

So, remaining true to my proactive self, I contacted them. I was up front and said that I was about as far removed from authentic Caribbean as they could imagine, but that I could offer a caricature voice which might work for them. They felt that it couldn’t hurt and asked me to submit an audition, which I promptly did, and made a point of creating two different characters for them to try.

A day later, they came back and told me that the client actually liked both characters and had made their choice. On top of that, they were so happy with the audition, which was a complete read, that there was no need for me to record it again. Now granted, submitting a complete read can sometimes prove to be a risky move, as there are sadly some people out there who will simply use the recording without paying for it. However, I prefer to trust people – it just makes for a happier day.

They’ve kindly sent me back the finished commercial and it’s here in all its glory.

Now, who’s in the mood for some jerk chicken?