Day 13 of your Santa Movie Monologue Advent Calendar

As I type this, millions of British people are waking up to the news of their new Government. This blog is not a place for politics, so however you’re feeling this morning, I wish you a happy day. For anyone looking for a piece of merriment this morning, here’s your daily dose of Santa reading […]

Day 12 of your Santa Movie Monologue Advent Calendar

Welcome to Day 12 of a rather unique advent calendar, where classic movie monologues are read by Santa Claus. Today, just to make things a little more interesting, I won’t tell you what Santa is going to be performing, but feel free to share it when you recognise it. Good luck!

Day 11 of Santa’s Movie Monologues

It’s Day 11 in your advent calendar, and this one has been uploaded quite late in the day after a busy schedule in the studio recording a major elearning project. It’s time for a movie monologue made famous by a lady, as we revisit Misery and just one of the gems from Annie Wilkes, made […]

Day 10 of your Santa Movie Monologue Advent Calendar

My favourite movie is Back to the Future, and it’s not really a film that’s jam packed full of incredible monologues, but I could hardly exclude it from my movie monologue advent calendar. In this speech, Doc Brown recalls the day he had a vision of the Flux Capacitor. Enjoy

Day 9 of your Santa movie Monologue Advent Calendar

OK, so this one was tough. In a movie literally jam packed with great speeches, monologues and voice over, it’s hard to pick a favourite. The movie in question is The Shawshank Redemption and I’d be more than happy to read more from it, so if you have a specific speech in mind you’d like […]

The Voice of Santa Goes to The Movies

It’s Day 8 of our Movie Monologue Advent Calendar and today Santa visits a true classic as we return to 1972 and Don Corleone’s opening dialogue from The Godfather. There’s still plenty of time to get your movie monologue requests in, so please drop me a line and let me know what you’d like to […]

Day 7 of Santa’s Movie Monologue Advent

Welcome to Day 7 of your Santa Movie Monologue Advent Calendar – an attempt for one humble voice over artist to spread a little Christmas cheer whilst, at the same time, desperately hoping that the lovely people at Google will push me ever closer to that desirable first spot! Today we revisit a piece of […]

Day 6 of your Santa Movie Monologue Advent Calendar

Only 19 days left until Christmas and Santa is getting very busy, but he’s still happy to take time out of his day to record another movie monologue. Today, a sci-fi classic, as originally delivered by Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus in The Matrix. It’s a film which gave us a lot of great speeches, so […]

Which movie will Santa quote today?

It’s Day 5 of your Santa Movie Advent Calendar, where each day, Santa Claus reads some classic movie monologues – and not necessarily from Christmas films. Today, a classic movie from the 80s and a rousing speech on the merits of greed from Gordon Gekko in Wall Street. Feels weird hearing Santa say that greed […]

Day 4 of Santa’s Advent Calendar

Welcome to Day 4 of your Santa Advent Calendar where, each day, Santa Claus reads some classic movie monologues. I won’t tell you what today’s film is because of you don’t get it from the first five words, then the rest of it will mean nothing to you. Still plenty of time to get in […]