Car Boot Tales – The Audiobook

24Good morning blog fans, it seems like ages since I’ve written anything in here, and that would be because it has been.

I’m certainly not without a good excuse, as all of my writing efforts have been poured into completing my book – Car Boot Tales, which is now available on Amazon at

But I have good news. Last year throughout December, I posted my own audio advent calendar – a selection of audio treats from songs and sketches designed to being roughly the same level of merriment as a small reindeer shaped piece of chocolate.

This year, I have decided to raise the stakes. Starting tomorrow, and every day up to December 24th, you’ll be able to listen to a chapter of Car Boot Tales, the Audiobook – completely free of charge!

The full book is currently being checked over by the lovely people at Audible, but this process takes a little longer than I’d anticipated. You should be able to order the complete audiobook from around the 10th of December, but if you’d prefer to simply read it yourself, please do use the link above.

Otherwise, I’ll see you tomorrow for your first chapter.