Cartoon Voice Over Artist

I love cartoons. Cartoons were what inspired me to become a voice over artist in the first place. With the opportunity to play such a dizzying array of characters, who wouldn’t want to do that every day?

Animation has come so far in the last 25 years, not simply in terms of the technology behind the likes of Pixar and Dreamworks, but more in just how much choice there is.

As a child, cartoons were for children. The Looney Toons weren’t just something we watched – we felt that we truly knew these characters, and their stories were a part of our lives. We never questioned how the Acme company could deliver so much stuff to a coyote in the middle of the dessert. It didn’t matter that a rabbit could stop the power of a double barrelled shotgun just by sticking his finger in the hole – these were our heroes!

The Development of cartoons

Fast forward to today, and there are certain cartoons which I would never allow my children to watch. The world of the adult cartoon is a source of constant amusement to me. South Park, Family Guy, and even The Simpsons- which started as a children’s show but has remained loyal to that same audience as they have grown into their twenties, thirties and beyond.

I have Eric Cartman of South Park to thank for my love of voice over, and if you look at some older blog entries, you’ll find out why.

And so as much as I love being a voice over for radio commercials, TV advertisements, corporate videos and everything else that I do, my first passion will always be cartoons.

In fact, as a father of two young children, I would truly love to be the voice of a kids’ TV character, just so that my son can walk into school with my character on his lunchbox and tell all his friends that “That’s my Daddy.”

Being the voice of a cartoon character is a skill in itself. One has to find a voice which suits the character’s visual characteristics, as well as their personality. The creators will often have a clear picture in their mind as to how their new characters should sound, as it’s up to us as voice artists to pick up on as many nuances as we can in order to create a character which feels ‘real’.

Cartoon viewers are happy to suspend their disbelief, but only up to a point, and if the voice just doesn’t feel right – they’ll know. I’ve had the great pleasure of voicing a number of animated characters – either for commercials, video games, or even public information films. You’ll find many of them on this site, and if you think you can use me for your next animated project, please do get in touch.