Voice Over Artist saves Valentine’s Day

OK, so claiming to actually save Valentine’s Day might be a bit of a stretch, but without an attention grabbing title, what other reason would you have to read on? The truth is that my voice over services have saved many people around Valentine’s Day, Christmas, loved ones’ birthdays and so on. These very same […]

Where can I find a voice over for my Facebook app?

Welcome to the dizzying heights of app development. If you’re new to the game, I wish you the very best of luck, and if you’re a seasoned veteran, then you must be doing something right to still be here! Apps are not a new concept. When computers first entered our homes in the late seventies, […]

How to negotiate with a voice over artist

If you search around any number of voice over groups on social media, you’ll find that there’s one thread that rears its head time and again, and it’s generally a concern (by which I mean moan) at how our rates are being continually knocked down by a combination of clients with tight budgets, entry level […]

Voice Over to teach English as a Second Language

Recording the voice overs for programmes which teach English as a foreign language is always an interesting prospect. First and foremost, the speech has to be a lot slower than normal. The voice artist has to remember that the audience in question are listening to a language in order to learn it, hence if it […]

I need a voice over for my viral video

You’re all set to go. You’ve got a fantastic concept that you’re ready to share with the world. The script is tight, the visuals are coming together nicely and the message is extremely important. Play your cards right, and your 20 second masterpiece could indeed go viral, sharing the dizzy heights of fame currently enjoyed […]

The Greatest Voice Over Article Ever – FACT!

Today, ladies and gentlemen, whilst you find yourself worshipping at the alter that is air conditioning, promises to be the most fulfilling day of your lives. Forget your wedding day, the birth of your children or that time you met Gregg Wallace off of Masterchef, because this, this one right here, this is the day. […]

Voice Over Artist for Company Telephone System

“Thank you for calling Revenue Limited, a division of Profit PLC. Your call is important to us. To speak with someone in out sales department, press 1……….” Hold on a second, aren’t there any other options above 1? Well of course there are, but the fact is that the majority of callers are simply waiting […]

Use Social Networks to Get More Voice Over Work

Hello blog lovers, and of course a very special hello to the Google robot currently reading this document and deciding to put me on Page 1 of the search results of anyone looking for a male voice over artist. If indeed that search lead you here, then welcome, and please do help yourself to a […]

Why I put myself on Fiverr

There is a website which has proven to be woefully unpopular amongst my peers in the voice over community. It’s called Fiverr.com and for as little as $5, which is about £3 in proper money, you can hire graphic artists, copywriters, web programmers and of course, voice over artists. Now just to be clear. Your […]

How do I use Skype as a Phone Patch with Pro Tools?

ISDN is a great facility for a voice over artist to have. If you want to record remotely to a studio somewhere else on the planet, it really is the way to go. Truth is that many radio and TV stations around the world won’t take a voiceover seriously unless he or she has ISDN. […]