Celebrity Ringtones and Impersonations

“I want to wake up with Kermit the Frog”

Well, it sounds like an odd request at first but the fact is that celebrity ringtones were really how I got started in the world of voice over. One particular company found my original voice artist website and were keen to have dialogue from films and tv shows turned into ringtones. Copyright laws mean that they cannot use the original material, so they looked to have it impersonated.

All fairly straightforward stuff and a lot of fun, but I was keen to explore what would happen if we delved a little deeper in the characters themselves. What might they say if they were telling you to answer your phone, let you know you’d received a text message or perhaps wake you up in the morning?

Well the database of voices grew and grew, as did the demand. A number of the ringtones which I produced remained on the top 10 real tones download list for many months, of which I was tremendously proud.

So what next?

I’m glad you asked. Friends and family started asking me to record tones for them with a more personal touch, and as well as ringtones, many asked for their voicemail greeting to be recorded with something a lot more comical. A good number of people wanted their phones answered as Marjorie Dors from Little Britain, Terry Tibbs from Fonejacker or Alan Partridge, and whilst those were certainly the most popular, there were many more besides.

And so it was that The Voicemonkey was born. A site were people can go, choose a celebrity impression and then have their very own messages recorded. Fast forward a little bit and sites like Fiverr were created and became the perfect place to promote this service further. So if you want to check out those gigs, those lovely people at Fiverr have given me my very own customised badge. It looks like this:


Celebrity ringtones are perhaps not as popular as they once were, but there does still appear to be a demand, and if my thirty seconds’ worth of voiceover can bring a smile to someone’s face, then that makes it all worthwhile.