Character Singer and Session Vocalist

If you haven’t figured it out by now, or if Google sent you here as the first page on your visit through my website, I LOVE doing voices. Whether it be an impression or the creation of a new character, I enjoy finding those little nuances that make a voice special and then try to recreate it.

Having a good ear for such things is an important skill to a voice over artist like me, but there is one other skill that seems very popular amongst the voice over community, and that’s my ability to sing.

It’s not really that much of a stretch to link the two together. A good vocal performance requires pitch, tone, timing and emotion to really connect with the listener, and that’s as true with speaking as it is with singing.

It’s not all Karaoke and X Factor

As a singer I was asked to record session vocals for a number of songwriters, and along the way I picked up enough of an understanding to try writing for myself. Much of it was wild improvisation then tidied up by some very skilled producers, but there are one or two songs of which I am particularly proud. In fact, the one I’m sharing here is actually called ‘Pride’.

Can I sing in character?

Yes. Yes I can. In fact I love to do so. One of my favourite parts on stage was that of Audrey 2 in Little Shop of Horrors (the show holds a special place in my heart as the lady playing Audrey was so awesome that I chose to marry her).

Recently I’ve sung classic crooner songs in the style of the oldest man in the world, and created two German characters for a comedy song about the world of promotional merchandise!

But if you really want to hear me stretched, then please do check out my version of Perfect Day, as performed by various artists for the BBC. Every voice you hear is mine, and even though this is so much more fun to watch performed live, I still enjoy sharing it.

So if you’re recording a radio jingle, a song for a show, or you just need some session backing vocals, then please do get in touch.