Corporate Video Voice Over Artist

A presentation for Alipay in Hong Kong. Certain restrictions mean I am unable to share the actual video with you.A presentation for Nokia.A selection of characters, where the worlds of corporate video and animation come together

Corporate videos have changed a lot in just the last couple of decades. Mention voice overs for corporate videos back in the eighties and your mind instantly turns to some very well spoken chap running through health and safety procedures. In many ways, they were like the safety announcements given on aeroplanes – you know the information is important, but are you really listening? Really?

Of course, one other major barrier to anyone looking to produce a film for their company was the expense. The hiring of specialist equipment could run to thousands of pounds, which often meant poor production values, wooden acting and (cue disaster movie style DUM DUM DUM music) a very dull voice over.

My Voice, Your Corporate Video

Fortunately, times have changed. High definition cameras can be purchased on the high street for a couple of hundred pounds and the advent of tools like iMovie and YouTube means that all of us can now be film makers.

And the content has changed radically too. Web based eLearning courses, animated information films, computer generated avatars presenting recruitment films – the list goes on and on, and I’m proud to say that I have been the voice of all of these and more.

Your video, whether it’s being used internally or externally, is an extension of your brand, and as such, the voice that you use really needs to ‘belong’ within your company.

Before choosing a voice, there are some simple questions that you can ask:

  • Am I looking for a straight read (that’s the person’s natural voice) or for a character to be created?
  • Who is going to be watching this video? Your target audience is important – say you’re producing a Welcome film to new employees – you’ll want someone who sounds friendly and inviting in order to put them at ease.
  • What are you trying to say? This might be a sales presentation video, but you don’t want your voice over artist to sound like a salesman . You’ve got sales people to do that for you?

After that, it’s easier to whittle down more general questions like the age, gender and general style of the voice over, but ultimately, the big question is always –


It’s easy enough for the voice artist to read the words on the page, but can they show any empathy? Is there a tone and style in their reading of your script that makes the audience feel good about your company and what it offers?

The good news is that I can help you with all of that. Mine is a background in sales and marketing – I come from the corporate world and therefore, I’m proud to say that I ‘get it’.

Starting Your Voice Over Project is Easy…

So please send me your script and let me record a couple of paragraphs for you. If you like what you hear – great! If not, I’ll be happy to offer you some suggestions for colleagues in the world of voice over who may suit you better.

It’s free, and completely without obligation.