Do voice artists get the giggles?

2014-12-16-laughter In answer to your question, of course we do. In any given script, the little 12 year old in all of us will jump up and spot that a certain word could be considered rude in another context and then the session takes 3 times as long as it should.

Sometimes it’s the subject matter. A colleague of mine had to narrate a corporate presentation about the process of animal insemination and was incredibly grateful for the fact that he didn’t have to work with either the client or a director listening to him. Five minutes of audio took well over half an hour and rarely could he complete a single sentence without losing it.

None the less, we are, at our core, professionals and the job does get done. Fortunately this week, I did have a case of the giggles whilst dubbing a scene but that’s only because it was actually in the script.

The makers of this particular film had been inspired by the idea of putting outtakes in the closing credits of the film. I’m a huge fan of outtakes or ‘bloopers’, as some people prefer, and so dubbing this scene was tremendous fun.

The hardest part was that there was no script to work from. We knew the scene that they had taken and so we knew what the dialogue was, but the rest was all based on improvising around what we could see, whilst still keeping it in time.

I get a chuckle when I watch it, and I hope you will too.