E Learning Voice Over Artist

E Learning is more popular now than it has ever been. Fast broadband speeds means that hundreds of pages of text, video and audio can be streamed to employees, students and school children alike, meaning more and more people can study at a pace, and in environment that suits them.

In increase in the quantity of content has led in turn to an increase in the quality as well. In addition to full video production, many firms are looking to make even the humble Powerpoint presentation just a little more personal, and that’s done, in the first instance, by having it narrated by a professional voice over artist.

If you’re producing an E Learning package, you may well want your voiceover to take on the role of a teacher, so that your programme works much like a virtual classroom. In such instances, it’s important that the voiceover sounds as if he or she is speaking WITH the listener, as opposed to merely TO them.

The pace needs to be just a little slower than conversational speech. Too fast and the listener may have to pause and rewind. Too slow, and you run the risk of patronising your audience.

You’ll also need consistency. If your programme is comprised of a series of modules, then it makes sense for your voice over to read all of them for you. Think back to your days at school – how good were the grades of those classes where the teacher was changed several times throughout the course of the year?

One other important point to consider is language. Many courses, whilst written in English, were not written by English speakers, and it is possible that some meaning can get lost in translation. Most voice overs will offer a form of translation service for you – they won’t change your text completely, but they will make it more accessible to English speakers. There’s usually a small fee for doing this but it is well worth it in order to avoid having to re record at a later date.

As is the case with any new voice over project, feel free to audition your voice artist before you hire him. Send over either a few slides or a script and take a listen to what your words will sound like coming out of their mouths. Such a service is usually free and without obligation, so do take advantage of that.