Explainer Video Voice Over Artist

Did you know that those clever people at YouTube believe that by 2020, over 85% of the content of the internet will be video?

Video is fast becoming the preferred method of sharing information about your company with your newest potential customers. Why have people wade through pages and pages of text when they can simply click on play and have everything presented to them in a passive format that everyone can understand?

Using Web Video to promote your business

Web videos should not be confused with corporate films. Corporate films are generally produced for an audience that is already engaged – be it a training film for new employees or a presentation of a factory to potential investors – these films are guaranteed to be seen by their target market.

Conversely, a web video is an open invitation to someone that has visited your website. They’ve Googled (other search engines are available) for your product or service and your page has come up, so they’ve clicked through. But now what???

A swanky design will really only get you so far, and the trouble with the web is that people have got unbelievably short attention spans. If what we need to know is not in front of us within the first three seconds – we’re off!

Working with the right video voice-over Artist

The answer, of course, is video, and what’s becoming more and more prominent is animation. Animated videos do away with the need for sets, costumes and live actors, and with the increased amount of software available, more and more of us are becoming cartoon makers in our own right.

Naturally, if you’re not all that confident in your skills as an artist, then there are plenty of fantastic companies out there who will produce your video for you. I’m delighted to say that I have worked as a voice over artist for a number of these firms and I would be more than happy to refer you if you would like.

For the voiceover, animation can be tremendous fun. We get to try out new characters and accents, and the majority of animated web videos have a fair degree of humour in them, so the whole project just becomes fun for everyone involved.

You can check out some of the on line videos for which I was the voice over right here, and if you’d like me to read your script for you, please just get in touch.