I need an explainer video yesterday!

panicWe’ve all been there. The date of our exhibition is looming and almost all of the boxes have been ticked. Your stand furniture has been ordered, your graphics have arrived and you’ve agonised for several weeks over which pen to give away before finally making a decision.

And the video presentation is good to go – from a visual perspective. As far as audio is concerned, you’re a little stuck, and now you need to find someone that can voice it, source suitable, copyright free music and sync the whole thing together.

And you need it this afternoon.

Well in the interests of pure self promotion – and let’s be honest, that’s why I write this blog – one of my clients found themselves in just this sort of situation a little while ago, and they wondered if I could help, which – of course – I could.

One of the joys of working from a home based studio is that you can think of yourself as a voiceover that’s always ‘on call’. Granted, I am asked to record at other studios which take me away from home, but in many cases I’m never too far away and in one instance, as the client was really panicking, the engineer I was working with said he’d be happy to record the job at his studio at no additional charge. Such instances are rare, but they can happen.

And so it was that this particular client was about the set up his stand at a major exhibition and needed things done. His script was finalised (a term we use loosely in this industry as there are always likely to be changes) and the voice over was recorded and sent. The script was altered, so we did that again, and then one more time and we were happy. Yeah – remember that word ‘finalised’? Not so much.

The important thing was that the client got what they needed and were perfectly happy. You can check out their service at bagsolo.com and you can watch the finished video below: