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Welcome to the gift shop, where you can treat yourself, or indeed someone special, to an array of gifts that are just that little bit different.





For your business, how about an Ad In The Wrong Genre, which does exactly what it says on the tin. We take your business and create a commercial which, on the surface, simply doesn’t make any sense, and yet for some reason, turn out to be incredibly effective.

An ad for a local garage which sounds like a classy perfume commercial? A utilities broker making what sounds like a charity appeal? How about a decorator who’s through to the grand final of an extreme reality TV show? As long as your business enjoys a sense of humour, then an Ad In The Wrong Genre could be perfect for you.


Or for that special someone in your life, how about a Mundane Movie Trailer

Just tell us a few of the mundane things that they are doing, and we’ll create an epic adventure for you to share with them. Making lasagne, deworming the cat, tidying the house – whatever it is, we can turn it into something that is guaranteed to make everyone smile.


kindle cover (1)If you enjoy audiobooks, then come and check out Car Boot Tales – The Daft and The Curious, where we dive deep into the mind of a car boot sale stall holder and offer handy hints and tips, but really it’s just an excuse to take the mick out of a bunch of morons, so really there’s something for everyone in there!