A Great Month for Voicing Video Games

Greetings gaming fans.

This past month has been incredible for me in terms of video game releases. Not as a player unfortunately. Two young children in the house means that the very second I load something decent into a console, they’ll want to try it, dismiss it within 10 seconds as being too difficult and then ask me to put Cartoon Network back on. I’m not complaining, I love Cartoon Network too; it would just be nice to quash my inner demons with the occasional zombie massacre.

divHowever, the games to which I am referring are those titles in which I have actually voiced a character. At the top of the shop is Divinity, Original Sin II – a role playing game which is receiving incredible reviews from just about everyone and actually received a 10/10 rating from Gamespot.

There’s an incredible amount of dialogue involved, and just to give you an idea, even though I only voiced one character (The Trickster personality, if you’re planning on playing), I personally spent close to 18 hours in the booth on this game alone. One Twitch TV streamer who the developer, Larian Studios, said everyone should watch, completed the game in…wait for it….117 hours! It’s incredible, and I’m so thrilled to have been a part of it.

total-war-warhammer-2-2017331173Next up is Warhammer – Total War II – a game which, for the die hard fans of the genre, will require no introduction. I play the voice of a Skaven Priest, and had to keep that under wraps right up to the release date, as the fact that the Skaven were going to be a playable race was really a rather big deal.

This character was so much fun to play as he truly disgusted me. Here was a rat who took maniacal pleasure in the painful deaths of his enemies. There were times when I played him when I actually felt my own skin crawl, but as games like this get their universes expanded all the time, I do hope that I’ll get the chance to go back into the booth at Creative Assembly and voice him a little more.

426967-bloody-zombies-playstation-4-front-coverOnto the indie titles and we begin with Bloody Zombies – a side scrolling beat ’em up with an interesting twist in that you can play the entire game in VR.

I voice the character of Eddie – originally described as “The Unhinged”. Not to put too fine a point on it, this guy is mental. The developers – nGames – were looking for a cheeky Cockney who viewed trawling through a Dystopian Zombie Apocalypse as “a laugh”, and I’ll always remember that it was the way I shouted, “Come on you tosspots” that got me the job.

WulverSplash_886Lastly we have Wulverblade from Darkwind Media, in which I play the lead character of Caradoc.

This was an especially interesting casting for me. When the spec originally came through, the directors had asked for either Scottish accents, or Northern ones, to put people in mind of Game of Thrones. I provided both options, and when I saw that I was acting across from Kenny Blythe – a genuine Scottish person, I’d assumed that they wanted me to use my Northern voice.

I showed up to the session and said hello to the director, who said he was surprised to be hearing a Southern accent. I told him that putting on the Game of Thrones voice would not be a problem, at which point he told me that he had cast me because of my Scottish accent! Validation indeed.

The session was long and gruelling, with a lot of war cries, shouting, screaming and casting magic spells which genuinely made me feel dizzy when I voiced them! I went through an entire jar of honey and enough water to house a killer whale, but everyone was thrilled with the result and the game came out initially for the Nintendo Switch just yesterday.

There are more games still to be released and this is one aspect of my voice over business that I simply love.

Until next time.