pexels-photo-461049Now ordinarily, when you find yourself at a page entitled Help, it’s a support page. You’d hope to find a chat window, or at least some contact information. Well this isn’t that sort of help page, but before you run away, just please keep reading.

I’m a member of a fantastic network of local business people. We meet each week in the hopes of helping each other’s businesses grow. We do that by referring each other, and I get a serious buzz out of passing opportunities to my fellow members.

So with that in mind – how can I help you beyond providing my voice to your project? I’ve listed the professions that I have immediate access to and I can tell you that I have personally used quite a lot of them. Now some of them are local tradespeople, and if you’re not in Hertfordshire or North West London, they may not prove relevant, but please do take a look through and then tell me what you need and I’ll gladly arrange an introduction.

I’m not on any sort of commission and if you decide you don’t want to use them after you’ve spoken, that is totally fine.

So could you use an:

Mobile Bartender? Someone to help you save money on your domestic utilities? Marketing Consultant and Social Media Guru? Travel Agent? Plumber? Double Glazing Specialist? Jeweller? Accountant? Printer? Video Producer? Optician? HR Specialist? Roofer? Top Class DJ? Insurance Loss Assessor? Electrician?  IT and Cloud Maestro? Solicitor? Insurance Broker? Flooring Expert? Commercial Utilities Broker? Administrator and Virtual PA? Chip and Pin Specialist? Builder? Financial Advisor? Herbalife Consultant? Kitchen Specialist? Business Software Developer? Web Designer? Car Concierge? Soul Doctor? Corporate Finance Specialist? Locksmith? Curtains and Blinds Wizard? Architect? Business Coach? Private Medical Insurance Broker? Estate Agent? Graphic Designer? Photographer? Promotional Merchandise Consultant? Decorator? Buy to Let Mortgage Specialist? Mortgage Broker? Vending Machine Supplier?

It’s an eclectic group of people and we are all committed to helping each other, so please do let me know who you would like an introduction to, and I’d be more than happy to help.