How Much do Voice Overs Charge?

Your project is looking good. Your script is ready, your visuals are coming along nicely, you’ve even sourced a mind blowing soundtrack. All you need now is the voice over.

Many people will search on line using keywords to describe the sort of voiceover they’re looking for. Someone that sounds confident, trustworthy, versatile with plenty of energy. Some of those keywords may well have lead you here, in which case – a big thank you to the search engine you chose, and please do have a listen to my demos.

But once you’ve found the voice you need, there’s one more important question that needs to be asked. “How much do you charge?”

At the risk of seeming evasive, it’s actually not that simple a question to answer. For starters, different media formats have different rates, for example, a radio commercial on a community station attracts a small fee, but place that same voice over artist in a national television spot, and it’s a whole different ball game.

“Oh this isn’t for broadcast,” you might be thinking, and that’s fine, because then what we are looking at is the studio fee, and it’s calculated on the basis of an hourly rate.

That, in and of itself can be tricky. You may well have a film with a run time of only 30 minutes, so surely that will take less than an hour, right? Wrong. If you’re using a professional voice artist, they’re going to want to give you a perfect read, and that may well mean reading certain passages more than once in order to get things just right.

Many voice overs do their own engineering, so they’ll then need to listen back to the whole recording, removing any unwanted breath sounds and checking that it all sounds right.

Then the recording needs all of the necessary post production tweaks to make it really come to life, and once that’s done, it’s all bounced down to the hard disc which is done in real time.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to send over the script and let me take a read through it. I’m a sole trader and I don’t work off of a rate card, which means I have the flexibility to come up with a price that you’ll find fair and workable. Granted, if you’re shopping around for the cheapest voice over, you’ll find people out there who will work for free just to expand their portfolio, but perhaps you’ll feel that your project deserves to spend just a little more to get a quality voice over.