I am a Talking Mango. And some Lychees too

I think it’s fair to say that I am now working in a turkey free zone. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the stuff, and in and of itself it’s fine. It’s just that when it takes its place as the front runner of a massive 3 course (minimum) meal and your belt is screaming at you to just pay the ransom and let it live, it just all gets a bit much.

Not to mention the fact that I am hosting a fairly swanky event in just over three weeks and am slightly concerned that I may not fit into my tux. So forget New Year’s resolutions, because I’m fat now and it needs to go. No fad diets or marathons – just some sensible eating and gentle exercise and if all else fails, a slightly bigger tux.

But speaking of fruit (we weren’t, but I needed a segue) I had a great deal of fun earlier this year playing the role of various mangoes and lychees that were very excited about being selected to be picked, juiced, carbonated and ultimately consumed. I mean, I don’t know the aspirations of the average mango, but clearly the writers and directors had some insight.

The commercials were a great deal of fun, especially because at one point we needed to sound like we were jiggling on the back of a truck, and with the absence of a treadmill in the studio, the best thing we could do was simply jiggle!

The attention to detail on the part of the production company – Rocking Carrot – was simply superb, and I was delighted to have attended a screening of the commercials at The Soho Screening Rooms in London. I also need to give credit to Terry Burns, who was my fellow mango and lychee and a pleasure to work with too.

Regrettably, the adverts was not for the UK screens, but luckily those lovely people at Rocking Carrot posted them on Vimeo, and whilst I cannot embed the videos here, the link below will take you straight there.

Rubicon Mangoes – Picking Day