Is my own voice good enough?

As a voice over artist, there are a number of different skills that I can bring to the microphone, and amongst my favourite, is the generation of character voices.

Ultimately, my life long ambition is to the voice of a well known cartoon character, and as I continue to work on new impressions, accents and characters, that dream still feels very much alive.

What’s interesting is that the use of cartoons has grown in so many different directions over the last decade. One particular area is that of the web video, as there are an increasing number of sites that will enable the humble business owner to create a short promotional animation in minutes. Add a snappy soundtrack and a professional voiceover and BAM – you’ve made a corporate video in the time it takes to finish your morning doughnut!

Video is clearly the way forward for the web. YouTube believes that by 2015, over 80% of web content will be video, and that bodes particularly well for voice artists like me.

Recently, an animation company for whom I have developed characters for in the past, asked me to come up with an American narrator character for a new corporate video. As they already had some characters from me, they asked if I could come up with something new. I provided them with three different characters and then had an idea, and as a wild card, I just used my regular voice, but with an accent – no character, just the accent.

The client’s feedback was fantastic – “They like the fourth one, but they’re wondering if you can do it with a British accent”. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yup – they wanted me to essentially do an impersonation of myself, and unsurprisingly, this was not much of a stretch for me!

So, as much fun as character voiceover work can be, sometimes all my clients really want to hear is me, and I’m more than happy to oblige.