My Latest Explainer Video Voice Over

golf-holidayLet me start by saying that I don’t play golf. I’ve worked with a lot of ‘amateur pros’ in my time – a concept I struggle to get my head around – you’re either a pro, or you’re not. I mean it’s perfectly fine to have aspirations, but just be honest with yourself.

I’ve also enjoyed many business events and celebratory functions at golf clubs, and whilst I’ve admired how nice the grounds look, at no stage have I felt the urge to put down my drink, grab some clubs and see what all the fuss is about. I like a nice walk, and I don’t need it punctuated by inevitable disappointment thank you very much.

So why the talk about golf? Well this week I was approached by a company launching a new service this summer. The idea is that they take care of sending your golf clubs to your hotel destination ahead of your holiday, so that you have less luggage to worry about. It’s a service that’s been available in the USA for a while, but no one has done it here, and as it’s therefore a new concept, the company decided that a friendly, animated explainer video would introduce them to new customers in a memorable and informative way.

The animation was completed and whilst a voice over had been provided, the client felt that it was not quite what they had in mind, and therefore asked me if I voiced explainer videos. Clearly they had not read too many of my blog posts before picking up the phone because my answer was a resounding yes.

Better yet, they had thought about adding music but were not sure how it would work, but I offered to take care of all of that for them. If they liked it, they could pay for the full production and if not, then simply for the voiceover.

Well I’m delighted to say that they liked the full production, and as they’re also launching a service to transport people’s bicycles to their holiday destination, I’ll be voicing the explainer video for that too.

You can check out the video by visiting or you can watch it here: