Live Phone Calls with Santa

banbury-santa Would your children like to chat with Father Christmas on the phone this year? Now I know that there are loads of apps and pre recorded videos which will let your children feel like they’re speaking with Santa – but nothing’s better than their very own, personalised phone call from the Big Man himself.

They can speak with Santa in the run up to Christmas to let him know what they’d like to wake up to on Christmas morning, or they can speak with him after he’s finished his deliveries and thank him for their wonderful presents. Either way, children love the experience and love telling their friends and family that they actually spoke with Santa.

It’s incredibly easy. I’ll speak with the grown ups to find out as much as I can about the child or children in question, and then we’ll set up a date and time for me to call. I don’t work off of any pre written scripts – the whole conversation is sincere and personal, and that’s what makes it special.

The cost is just £7.95, and for £9.95 you can have the call recorded and emailed to you so that your child can listen to it all over again and share it with their friends.

So please click on the option below to book your call, and remember to also fill out your details on the contact form on the right.

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