Now Dubbing Cartoons

Cartoon voiceover For as long as I have been doing voiceovers, my one passion has consistently been animation. Indeed, it was impersonating cartoon characters that got me into this in the first place, and the chance to do it professionally has always been a goal of mine.

When I moved into the field of dubbing, the process was not all that different to working with animated characters. You see someone on screen, create a voice which suits that character and start recording. Obviously that is an over simplified version of a fairly complex process, but you get the idea.

The main issue with dubbing real people is that all the skills I have in creating cartoon characters is of only moderate use to me. Real people have to actually sound like real people. Cartoon characters invariably have larger than life characteristics in their voices and these have to be toned down by a rather large degree.

So you can imagine my joy when my company were asked to dub an actual cartoon! Now whilst we are waiting on approval for the whole series to be commissioned, it’s worth pointing out that we have no idea about the characters or world they inhabit beyond what we can see in this episode, and to be fair – that tells us very little.

Add to that you are talking about another universe created by people on Earth from a different culture, and you could be forgiven for watching this and thinking, “What exactly is going on here?”

That being said, we still enjoyed putting it together and we were asked to produce both a UK and US accent version. The US one is posted here for you and I also must give a massive credit and thanks to John Harley, Beth Mayoh and Joanna Ruiz for helping put all of this together.