Posting to LinkedIn

I like writing articles. Truth is, I regularly slap myself in the forehead for not turning my interest into another revenue stream, but then I guess there is always time for that.

Whenever I publish a blog, those contents are instantly shared with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Right now, I don’t have an Instagram account. I tell myself that I just don’t get it, but then at one point I felt exactly the same about all the other social networks that I now try so hard to keep on top of, so do please keep an eye out for me on Instagram because I would imagine my presence there is inevitable.

The thing is, when sharing my blogs with LinkedIn, they get posted as status updates, but something I also do on a regular basis is post articles on The Pulse, and I often get some very nice feedback.

Now, if I copy and paste today’s article in here, then those lovely folks at Google (other search engines are available) are likely to knock me down a couple of pegs on the SEO front, and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

Therefore, if you would like to read today’s article, please click on this link:

And please feel free to check out my other articles while you’re there.

However, in the spirit of true transparency, let me state the all too obvious – I write these articles to generate web traffic. I want web traffic so that people will hear samples of my voice over work and be gently lead to the point of actually hiring me as their voiceover. So, if you want to skip all the reading and just talk about working together, please call me – my number’s over there on the right.