You’ve been patient – here’s Voice Over Advent 15

Here it is, the long awaited sequel to Advent 14. Seriously, I can’t imagine anything being more widely anticipated this week. Unless you like Star Wars. Which I actually do – quite a bit. Today’s voiceover advent treat comes with a warning: Yeah, that’ll do. The bottom line is that this is a short comedy […]

Tall Tales Part 2

I’m delighted to finally be able to present Tall Tales Part 2 to you all. This video is the second in what we hope will be a long series of very funny animated shorts, where a (somewhat fed up) dad tries to explain the way the world works to his daughter. In this episode, she […]

Recording Silly Voices – Ja Ja Das is Good

My clients span a great spectrum of the business world. I’ve provided voice overs for dog trainers, power plants, restaurants, amusement parks and, at my proudest moment, was the voice of a talking penis for the NHS. One industry that I know particularly well is the world of promotional merchandise, essentially because I’ve spent well […]

Voice Overs – Asking the Important Questions

Well the Christmas festivities are well and truly under way, by which I mean it’s impossible to sit through one ad break without my kids believing that their parents have enough money and indeed storage to buy the East Wing of Toys R Us. One of the first thing that flashes through my mind (aside […]

What happened to the Man with the Golden Voice

A couple of years ago, the voice over community at large started sharing a particular You Tube Video. It had pretty much already gone viral in its own light, but for all of us, it was a great story. Ted Williams was a voice artist and radio announcer who had fallen on hard times. He […]

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