Voice Artists Have to Trust Strangers

Providing the voice over to a corporate video can often leave one feeling a little disconnected from the project. By the time we receive the script, the visuals may not have even been put together yet. We’re given an idea of pace and tone and then it’s up to us to interpret what our client […]

The busy life of a voice over

It seems like ages since I write a blog post here, and a quick look at my stats shows me that it’s been nearly two months. Now, from an SEO perspective, that’s not good. Those lovely people at Google (and they really are lovely, oh, and of course other search engines are available but seriously, […]

Corporate Video Voice Over – my latest project

Well it has been one busy week here at Voice Over Towers. I mean, it’s not really a group of towers – it’s not even one tower, it’s actually a town house, but Voice Over Towers sounded cool. As was announced recently, I’ve been asked to be the voice of current affairs programming for Phoenix […]

Videos for local councils and civic offices

The ubiquitous leaflet is fast becoming a thing of the past. These days, your local council has so much more to tell you than whatever they can cram into a third of a sheet of A4 paper, jammed through your letter box at a time that instantly tells you that there’s no way that whatever […]

I need a Narrator for my Web Video

Several months ago I decided it was time for my website (you know the one, you’re looking at it right now) to receive a much needed makeover. The commercial voiceover demo needed updating, the cartoon voice over page had some great new content that I wanted to share, and I wasn’t even demonstrating my skills […]

Is my own voice good enough?

As a voice over artist, there are a number of different skills that I can bring to the microphone, and amongst my favourite, is the generation of character voices. Ultimately, my life long ambition is to the voice of a well known cartoon character, and as I continue to work on new impressions, accents and […]

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