How do Voice Overs record when on holiday?

Ahh, that well known quandary that exists amongst all us voiceover folk – to truly take a holiday or not. Now when I say ‘truly take a holiday’, I mean time spent away from the working world where no work is done whatsoever. Well, anyone with a smartphone will tell you that that’s become pretty […]

My latest radio commercial

Some months ago, I was contacted by a company in Devon who were looking to add to their portfolio of radio commercials. They had taken to spoofing well known ads from the 1980s and in my first job, I got to impersonate Orson Wells in the recreation of a Carlsberg advert. At some point, I […]

A personal message from Santa Claus

And so it begins, with only 4,325 shopping days until Christmas, it’s high time we start getting our Christmas promotions in order. Actually, that might seem a little cynical, but even if your company doesn’t start putting out Christmas promotions until December, the time to source everything you need is now. My very first voice […]

Latest Radio Commercial for a Character Voice Over

This latest commercial of mine is for Coast FM. Coast is an English speaking radio station in Tenerife who often call upon me to provide character voices. This usually entails some kind of regional accent, and this advert was a lot of fun because they were promoting a new complex there there are restaurants offering […]

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