Where can I get the Voice of Santa?

Well, despite the fact that my earliest Santa Claus voiceover enquiries came in a couple of months ago, now really is the time to let people know where they can find the voice of Santa Claus. Now many blogs are written on the premise that they are providing advice, and if that advice should happen […]

Voice Over Artist’s First Santa Claus Enquiry

I love Christmas. Not from the religious or even the commercial perspective, but from the fact that I get to bring joy to people of all ages as the voice of Santa Claus. When I started offering my services as Jolly Old St Nick a few years ago, I made a point of calling radio […]

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

I love this time of year. Sorry – some of you may well read this months after I posted it – I mean November. Not only because it’s the month in which I celebrate my birthday, but because November is the month when marketing people really start pushing the Christmas boat out. And with Christmas […]

A personal message from Santa Claus

And so it begins, with only 4,325 shopping days until Christmas, it’s high time we start getting our Christmas promotions in order. Actually, that might seem a little cynical, but even if your company doesn’t start putting out Christmas promotions until December, the time to source everything you need is now. My very first voice […]

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