What’s your customers’ first impression?

In my other life as a sales person, I make a lot of calls, and I do mean A LOT. We’re not quite talking call centre figures here but suffice to say that if it weren’t for the fact that my VOIP phone gives me free calls, the bill would be enough to reduce me […]

Should I use a Voice Artist to Answer my Phone?

Good morning my favourite reader – yes you. The world of blogs is so over populated with opinions that it genuinely means something special to me that you’ve chosen to read mine. Let’s see if we can make the trip worthwhile for you. I want to say six simple words to you and then I […]

Telephone Voices Need to Improve

As a voice artist, I’m often asked to record telephone greetings for IVR services (that stands for Interactive Voice Response) – you know, the whole “Press 1 if you sales, 2 for accounts or…oh why am I even bothering you’ve already pressed 1 in the hopes of bypassing me haven’t you?” When recorded by a […]

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