How can I find a narrator for my explainer video?

With every passing day, more and more of the content that you love online is transforming from text and graphics into video presentations. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find a landing page these days that doesn’t greet you with a video. Some of them are genuinely informative and will offer the visitor a call […]

I need a Narrator for my Web Video

Several months ago I decided it was time for my website (you know the one, you’re looking at it right now) to receive a much needed makeover. The commercial voiceover demo needed updating, the cartoon voice over page had some great new content that I wanted to share, and I wasn’t even demonstrating my skills […]

Is my own voice good enough?

As a voice over artist, there are a number of different skills that I can bring to the microphone, and amongst my favourite, is the generation of character voices. Ultimately, my life long ambition is to the voice of a well known cartoon character, and as I continue to work on new impressions, accents and […]

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