Let’s talk about Diamonds

Good afternoon Car Boot Fans. I’m writing this at 1.30pm on a Thursday, which means that I have already been up for 9 hours. No, I wasn’t doing a boot sale – on Thursdays I attend my weekly BNI meeting; surrounded by my network of local business people who have supported me in exchange for my support of them.

Indeed, I’d like to think that a few of them are enjoying this audiobook, as I know they enjoyed the printed version, and many of them told me that they could not read it without my voice in their heads, so of course now, they don’t have to.

If you’d still like to actually read this book for yourself, it’s available at www.amazon.co.uk/Car-Boot-Tales-Daft-Curious/dp/1724192043/ and if you’re thinking that you can just enjoy the whole audiobook for free by simply subscribing to the channel, I’m afraid that won’t work. The book is 36 chapters long and I am only running this promotion in conjunction with Advent, so a quick calculation will tell you that you’ll have 12 unheard chapters – and the last ones are really rather good!