The busy life of a voice over

It seems like ages since I write a blog post here, and a quick look at my stats shows me that it’s been nearly two months. Now, from an SEO perspective, that’s not good. Those lovely people at Google (and they really are lovely, oh, and of course other search engines are available but seriously, are any of you using them) want to ensure that the pages they send you to are fresh, new and more exciting than parachuting out of a space shuttle completely naked.

What is good, is that it gives me a moment to reflect on just how busy I have been over the course of the past couple of months. That’s not to suggest that I am not busy right now too, it’s just that I put ‘update blog’ in my calendar today and if I don’t do what it says then who knows what OCDemons might be unleashed?!?!?

My biggest project has been dubbing. We’ve taken a 34 part Chinese drama series and have dubbed it into English for distribution into foreign territories by the Chinese Government. The show – Fu Qi Na Xie Shi – which translates into a multitude of different things, so we call it ‘Husbands and Wives’, has tremendous production value, and I have had the pleasure of voicing the majority of male characters.

I’ll be in a position to show you some of that work in some up and coming blog posts and followers of my Facebook posts will know that I have tried to keep people abreast of the plot.

As well as dubbing Chinese, I’ve also worked on a feature film for broadcast on Iranian television. Just to be clear, I don’t speak these languages – the translation is done for me.

On top of that there have been corporate videos, radio commercials, cartoon episodes, animatronic puppets, on line Bingo, ringtones and telephone systems, and every time I think about having to list all that I have worked on lately, I cannot help but smile. This is what I have wanted to do full time for ages now, and I open myself up on a daily basis to even more opportunity.

In the meantime, I found a corporate presentation of which I was particularly pleased and realised that I had never posted it, so here it is:

Until next time.